Having just gone through one of the busiest traveling seasons airlines and roadways have seen to since 2007, we thought it would be fun to examine video’s impact on the hotel, travel, and hospitality industry.

4 Hoteliers featured a great article that provided some insight into the eyes of the modern traveler and what influences their booking/purchasing decisions. They highlight 5 of the most important “trends” to the modern traveler, and ways for hoteliers to turn those trends into $$$$ for their business.  And wouldn’t you know it…video made the list.

“Video has a serious foothold in the modern imagination. The ease with which short ones can be watched, engaged with and shared is practically a recipe for viral reach – if you can get it right. The 16-34 demographic are, unsurprisingly, the most likely group to watch videos. However, those 55 and older are second most likely. Video’s appeal is as broad as it is sure.” says Taylor Smariga, Conversion Data Analyst & Distributor at Net Affinity.

In a recent Tnooz article, statistics from Google UK sales director Dr. Bernd Fauser were cited, and they’re very compelling:

65% of consumers use video when thinking about taking a trip
63% use video when deciding on an accommodation
67% use video when deciding on activities

Check out how BookHunter.com lures travelers to the Big Island of Hawaii using this video below of “Must See Attractions”.

Once again, video proves to be a powerful medium influencing purchasing decisions. There is a reason 90% of users say “seeing a video” about a product is helpful in the decision process.

Want to get #BetterVideo for your for your business?  Reach out to us today to learn more!

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